What We Do

Doctor Diagnosis

Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

NALD RCM optimizes your revenue by     getting you enrolled and credentialed with insurance payers. We take care of complete Credentialing, Contract Negotiation, Enrollment, EDI, ERA & EFT Setup paperwork for all types of payers.

Filling Prescription

Medical Coding

NALD RCM coding services offer Medical coding, Auditing and MACRA implementation for providers, hospitals and medical billing companies. Our team consists of experienced and certified coders from AAPC.

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Charge Entry

NALD RCM understands that charge entry is the key areas in RCM services. The accuracy of the medical billing charge entry process is a critical part of the medical billing process as it decides the amount of reimbursement that the healthcare provider will receive from the insurance payer. NALD RCM provides utmost attention to this step to ensure that the charges from the coded documents are entered correctly and only a clean claim is submitted to the payer. NALD RCM doesn’t stop at entering Patient registration, Charge, Demographics but we audit and validate them before submission. Our team has good experience in charge entry process on various medical billing systems and for several medical specialties following the respective client specific account rules.  In case of any ANSI5010 loop level rejections we address them within 24hrs of claim submission.

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Payment & Denial Posting

NALD RCM believes accuracy in payment posting and addressing the denials in 24-48hrs time is imperative for an optimized revenue cycle. We post both electronic and manual EOBs from insurance and take necessary actions on the denials to make sure we resubmit the
denied claim on time and get them reimbursed from insurance.

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Account Receivable Management

​NALD RCM has structured its AR Management Team into two;

Coding - AR Team

All medical coding related AR & denials will be addressed by experienced certified coders to make sure the coding guidelines are followed and to fix the denials once and for all.

Biller - AR Team

All other AR & denials are taken care by our experienced Biller-AR

Medical billing A/R and revenue cycle management demands billing professionals with a specialized skill-set to look after the A/R follow-ups. We have split the AR into Coding and Biller related to make sure we address the AR & Denials with proper care. Our Coding AR team determines the exact procedure code and diagnosis code based on the treatment plan and can easily identify, diagnose coding issues and resolve them to make sure the claim is reimbursed appropriately. On the other hand our biller team track each and every claim from submission to payment, they analyze reason for low and delay payments, address biller related denials like authorization, eligibility, timely filing denials and take appropriate actions to make sure claims are reimbursed on time and every time.

We make sure that the rejections are fixed in 24hrs; Claims are followed up between 25-40 days to ensure maximum insurance collection (In case of Medicare & Medicaid the timeframe differs). We work on Aging reports and handle denial management with our AR management strategy; we are specialist in doing deep dive analysis on the root cause of denials to make sure we fix them once and for all.

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Value Added Services

NALD RCM provides value added services like Verification of benefits, Pre authorization,Appointment Scheduling, Manual Data migration and answering service support